Single Payments Platform

Pay Direct From Bank

It is now lot more simple, secure and convenient to pay or receive directly to/from the bank accounts. No need to park your fund in an intermediary for fund transfer or bill payments. If you have a bank account, does not matter in which bank, you only need a user in connectIPS to avail these services. connectIPS e-Payment System is a single payments platform that facilitates payment processing, fund transfer and biller payments for transactions up to NRs 100,000  from web channel and up to NRS 5,000 from mobile app and is available 24/7. You just need to enroll in the connectIPS and link your bank account with one-time verification from the bank. But don’t forget to carry the downloaded and duly signed account link form while visiting your bank branch for such verification. You may even link multiple bank accounts of various banks.

Fund transfer to your own account or someone else’s account is now much easier. You just need the beneficiary’s mobile number for fund transfer, if he/she is also a user of the connectIPS. You can even transfer with his/her bank account details or just add his/her details under the favorite list, if you need to do a regular payments. While you checkout from creditor/merchant portal, look for connectIPS as a payment option whereby you can select one of your linked bank accounts to pay.

Currently it is available on web ( and mobile app ( for Android and for IOS). For now, check if your bank is within our members network and also watch out for the recently added billers. And Pay Direct From Bank…!

For creating user and linking bank account click here.