Payment Processor

Simple checkouts for Online Payments

If you do not have cards or other arrangements for your online purchases, relax and use your bank account directly for online payments with simple checkouts. And it works with any of your bank accounts that are linked with your connectIPS username. connectIPS also works as a payment processor that seamlessly integrates with online portals of the billers (merchants/creditors) and allows you to choose connectIPS at checkout. On successful login into the connectIPS system, you will be able to select one of your linked bank accounts to pay from.

The payment data are captured, processed and transmitted on a highly secured environment with end-to-end encryption. And no customer data are shared with the merchant, except the status of the payment. The authorization request is verified based on the credentials of your connectIPS username and other verification credentials.

Checkouts for online payments will be lot more simple and convenient for the customers. And the merchants/creditors will achieve more conversions with their payments received directly in their bank accounts.

For creating user and linking bank account, click here