NEW YEAR 2080 Offer FREE Fund Transfer with NEPALPAY Instant

Now, customers can do FREE Fund Transfer via NEPALPAY Instant using connectIPS or mobile banking during the month of Baisakh 2080.

The offer is valid from 1st of Baisakh till 31st Baisakh 2080.

NEPALPAY Instant an interoperable fund transfer (FT) to be initiated based on VPA (Virtual Private Address) within networks of connectIPS, BFIs and digital wallets. The currently used VPA is based on registered mobile number of beneficiary. This feature is currently available in web or app of connectIPS and few BFIs &wallets.

How to initiate transaction in NEPALPAY Instant:

  • Login into  or mobile app using your Username and Password
  • Choose NEPALPAY Instant from the available options under Fund Transfer
  • Select your debiting account and select the Network/Bank under receiver details
  • Enter the receiver's registered mobile number and click on Transfer
  • Recheck the details and click on "Make Payment"
  • Use your Transaction Password and/or OTP received in registered mobile number and e-mail
  • Click on Submit to complete the fund transfer


What is the transaction limit in NEPALPAY Instant?  

The limit of the respective interface (connectIPS /Mobile banking/wallet) from which the transaction is initiated shall be applicable for transaction via NEPALPAY Instant.  For transaction limit in connectIPS, please click here .



Currently available beneficiaries in NEPALPAY Instant are: 

  1. connectIPS
  • All registered connectIPS users


  1. Mobile banking
  • Everest Bank Ltd
  • NMB Bank Ltd
  • Prime Commercial Bank Ltd
  • Sunrise Bank Ltd
  • Garima Bikas Bank Ltd
  • Jyoti Bikas Bank Ltd
  • Kamana Sewa Bikas Bank Ltd
  • Muktinath Bikas Bank Ltd.
  • Shine Resunga Development Bank Ltd
  • Central Finance Ltd
  • ICFC Finance Ltd
  • Manjushree Finance Ltd
  • Nepal Finance Ltd
  • Samriddhi Finance Company Ltd
  1. Digital Wallets
  • CellPay
  • eDheba
  • iCash
  • Khalti
  • Moru
  • MyPay
  • PayWell
  • Prabhu Pay
  • QPay
  • SajiloPay


You can even initiate such NEPALPAY Instant from Sanima Bank mobile banking.