Share the joy of convenient payment with Refer a Friend offer

connectIPS is back with “Refer a Friend” that allows the existing users to refer and recommend their friends and family to enroll in connectIPS and share the joy of convenient payments. In this campaign, the referrer will receive Rs 25 cash incentive in the linked primary account while the referee will get Rs 50 cash incentive in the first approved bank upon successful verification either via self-verification or bank verification (create a user using referral code, verify email & mobile number and verify the account).  

The referrer needs to share his/her referral code to his/ her friends or family. The referee will at the time of registration as new user will use such referral code. The incentive will be disbursed once the new user is created and account is successfully verified (either self-verification or bank verification).

The referrer can share his/her referral code along with a link for sign up to referees. The referees can go to or download its mobile app to create a new user.


Terms & Conditions of the offer:

  • This offer is valid from 17th Bhadra 2080 till 16th Mangsir 2080 (3rd September to 2nd December 2023) only.
  • The existing user of connectIPS (with at least one verified bank account) who shares his/her referral code is known as ‘Referrer’. A new user who registers in connectIPS using the referral code shared by referrer is known as the ‘Referee’.
  • The offer is valid only for the new registration using referral code during the registration process during the offer period.
  • The offer of Rs.50 cash incentive is valid for new user verification during the offer period. User verification includes new user registration using referral code, verification of mobile/ e-mail id and success verification of at least one linked bank account (either self-verification or bank verification).
  • Cash incentive of Rs.50 will be provided in the linked primary account of the referee. The referee should ensure the verification of the linked account to be eligible for the cash incentive.
  • Rs. 25 cash incentive for the referrer shall be credited to the primary account of the user linked to connectIPS after referee’s successful user registration and verification using the referral code.
  • NCHL reserves the rights to change some or all the terms.


How to share referral code?

  • Login to connectIPS from mobile app or go to
  • In the Dashboard click on “Refer a Friend” tab.
  • Click on generate referral code. Copy the referral code and share via any messaging or sharing platform.


How to register in connectIPS and activate?

Download connectIPS from mobile app or go to

  • Enter full name, email ID, mobile number, referral code and click on continue
  • Register with new username and password and a few additional information. 
  • Login into connectIPS and verify your mobile and email id. On the first login, you will be notified on the dashboard as Verification Pending!! with a link for verification.
  • Click on “Get Code for Mobile” & enter OTP code received in your mobile for verification.
  • Click on “Get Code for Email” & enter OTP code received in your email for verification.


How to link bank account in connectIPS?

  • Login to connectIPS with your username and password
  • Select ‘Bank Account’ from Dashboard
  • Select ‘Link Account’
  • Fill the bank account details (ensure that account no. & name matches with the one at your bank)
  • Select ‘Send for Approval’
  • Download the linked bank account form
  • You can link your multiple bank account(s) of any of the member banks & financial institutions

You then need to carry the downloaded and duly signed linked bank account form to your nearest bank branch for one-time verification and activation of the linked bank account.


Alternatively, you can select ‘Self-verify Account’ option in the system to self-verify the linked account, such that you will not have to visit bank for activation. However, some of the banks have lower transaction limit on such self-verified accounts.


How to self-verify the linked account?

To self-verify linked account, follow the mentioned procedures

  • Go to link bank account under Bank Account > Manage Account to link your account.
  • In pending bank accounts list, click on pending bank account and go to self-verify account.
  • Based on the input information and automated process for self-verification, an OTP will be sent to the verified mobile number and email address that is registered at the bank.
  • After the successful verification of the OTP, the status of the linked account will change as ‘AUTOACCEPTAPPROVAL’.
  • The system will then generate two micro-deposit amounts that will be credited on the customer’s linked bank account.
  • The user will now have to check its account statement and input the two micro-deposit amounts.
  • Once both micro-deposit amounts are verified, the linked account will be verified automatically and the status of the account will change as ‘ACCEPTED’, after which the user will be able to use the linked bank account for transaction up to the specified transaction limit.


For more details regarding self-verification of account click here.