Government of Nepal- Driving adoption for electronic payments in Nepal, also enables NEPALPAY QR

Having to visit a tax office or its designated bank branch for tax payment or in that sense any other Government service offices for a payment is a pain taking activity with lots of hassles. This is now at a crossroad of being a history in Nepal. Government of Nepal has taken an initiative for a fully integrated and automated e-payment of the transactions related to payouts and revenue collection. With successful rollout of the payout (G2B) and G2C transactions, the GoN has also adopting e-payment for revenue collection.

The customer will now be able to enter all its revenue details from the integrated web portal and its application of the revenue collecting division of GoN and once the customer is ready to pay, just needs to select connectIPS as payment option and pay directly from its linked bank account. Alternatively, such revenue payment can be done based on the EBP No. generated from GoN’s system and payment initiated from any of the channels including connectIPS mobile App, Web application (, CORPORATEPAY and mobile banking or wallet integrated with National Payment Switch.

Such tax and revenue has recently been enabled for payment with QR as well. NepalQR standard NEPALPAY QR has been added in the connectIPS payment gateway, such that the dynamic QR can be scanned by any of the instruments including connectIPS App, Mobile banking and wallets that are enabled for NEPALPAY QR.

How to pay GoN revenue with NEPALPAY QR?

  1. Go to your servicing GoN portal and fill all the revenue details. You may also use the generic portal of FCGO for initiating the payment.
  2. Generate EBP No. (voucher number) from the portal.
  3. Click on Proceed to Payment and select connectIPS, which will display a dynamic NEPALPAY QR along with regular payment gateway credential.
  4. Scan the available QR from any of the mobile app enabled with NEPALPAY QR. Check if your mobile app including connectIPS app, mobile banking or wallet are enabled for scanning NEPALPAY QR.
  5. Verify the payment details and confirm to pay.


NEPALPAY QR scanning is currently available from:

  1. Himalayan Bank Ltd (HI-MB)
  2. Sanima Bank Ltd. (Sajilo e-banking)
  3. Samriddhi Finance Ltd.(mBanking)
  4. Focusone Payment Service Ltd. (MOCO)
  5. connectIPS mobile app

(Note: The facility is being added in mobile banking of other BFIs and wallets of PSPs.)


What is the transaction limit for QR based payment?  

QR based transaction limit are based on the limits of the issuing instruments. Current transaction limit in connectIPS app is as follows:

 QR based Payment

Transaction limit

Maximum amount per transaction per day

  NRs. 2,00,000

* Limit is per user per bank
* Respective BFIs or PSPs may have different limits as per their internal policy
* Limit may change as per Nepal Rastra Bank directive


How to register in connectIPS e-payment system?

One can register online in connectIPS through or download its mobile app from . The accounts linked in connectIPS can also be self-verified online without the need of visiting the bank branch for verification. For details, please check here.


Other existing options for GoN online revenue payments

Multiple payment channels that are currently available for initiating GoN revenue payments and their transaction limits are as follows:




Per Transaction Limit*

Per Day Limit



(GoN websites)

20 Lakh

20 Lakh

Mobile App

2 Lakh

2 Lakh


20 Lakh

20 Lakh

Mobile/Internet Banking


As per NRB/ BFI policy



As per NRB/ PSP policy



20 Lakh

1 Crore (On-Us Public Network)

5 Crore (On-Us Private Network)

As per BFI policy


30 Crore

Bank Central

(Bank Branches)


20 Lakh (Off-Us)

2 Arab (On-Us)

As per BFI policy


30 Crore


* Respective BFIs or PSPs may have different limits as per their internal policy