Government Transactions

Driving adoption of electronic payments in Nepal

Having to visit a tax office or its designated bank branch for tax payment or in that sense any other Government service offices for a payment is a pain taking activity with lots of hassles. This is now at a crossroad of being a history in Nepal. Government of Nepal has taken an initiative for a fully integrated and automated e-payment of the transactions related to payouts and revenue collection. With successful rollout of the payout (G2B) transactions and soon to start with G2C transactions, the GoN is now adopting the e-payment for revenue collection also.

No more paper work and less of moving around at the counters carrying cash or cheque he/she for such payments. The customer will now be able to enter all its revenue details from the integrated web portal and its application of the revenue collecting division and once the customer is ready to pay,  just needs to select connectIPS as payment option and pay directly from its linked bank account.

Currently available for revenue payments (tax/ non-tax) to the Government of Nepal through Financial Controller General Office (,, Inland Revenue Division ( and Public Service Commission – Lok Sewa (, this is planned to be extended to other divisions of the government as well. Such P2G payments could also be processed directly from or its mobile app ( for Android and for IOS)

This initiative by the Government of Nepal will improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, better public services and  increase financial transparency. And most importantly, this is expected to drive the  adoption of electronic payments in Nepal.

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